Everyone loves a Shania video. The only problem is that they are scattered all over the world and have not been released yet to the public. We've seen some on CMT or other music stations, but what about all those Shania appearances. At AdultShania, I will do my best to bring them to you for your enjoyment.


Shania Videos:

Ka-Ching! (Shania looking hot as a rocker)

Forever and for Always (The young couple and children on the beach version)

When you Kiss Me (Indoor edited version)

She's Not Just a Pretty Face! (Shania's video taken from her Chicago concert)

UP! (Shania's title track from her UP! Album)

Don't (Shania, a horse and a lot of bouncing... awesome)

I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (Shania in her black lace, body hugging catsuit. One word... SEXY! )

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (Shania's sexiest performance. Thigh high boots, Black Mini, and a cleavage squeezing corset!) (New)

Rock This Country! (Shania wearing her silver short shorts and jiggling breasts. Those silky thighs and her cute ass wiggle are awesome!) (New)

What Made You Say That (Here is one of Shania's earlier videos. Showing off her belly button may have irritated some country music fans, but it won Shania a ton of other fans.) (New)

Ka-Ching (Promo Version) This was one of the original European versions featuring Shania showing off her incredible abs, the slinky red dress and of course the three legged dog. (New)

Ka-Ching (Red Dress Version) This version features Shania in a body hugging, curve enhancing red dress. Wearing no bra and no straps holding up the gown, the only thing keeping Shania's chest from popping out are her curves in the gown. (New)


Shania Sexy Scenes:

Shania's Breastfeeding scene from I Heart Huckabees (A lot of people say it isn't so, but if not... why is Shania only wearing her bra and not a blouse???)

Shania giving the finger and Outtakes from I Heart Huckabees(Only Shania could give the finger and look cute doing it.)

Shania's bouncing Breasts (Shania's bouncing breasts clip from her Superbowl performance. All bounce, All Shania's tits!)

Shania knows how to say... "What the Fuck?"Shania gets a "crank" call in one of the funniest CMT intros ever!)

Shania's see-through top! (Shania struts onto the stage wearing a hot semi-sheer top that shows off her nipples from a distance!)


Shania on TV:

I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (Top of the Pops)

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (HQ) (Shania struts at the 2003 Superbowl halftime show!) (Camera Angle 1)

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (Shania struts at the 2003 Superbowl halftime show!) (Camera Angle 2)

Nah! (Shania in a little black top and her tits hanging out!) (Hot)

Thank You Baby! (Shania in a semi-sheer leopardskin top!)

Party for Two (Shania and Billy live at the 38th CMA Awards)

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! & You're Still the One (Shania at the VH1 Divas Gala in a sexy skintight outfit)

Come on Over (Vintage Shania as she sings in pink at the 2000 CMA Awards. A very pretty Shania look!)

Coat of Many Colors (Shania in her sexiest, cleavage revealing dress to date.)

Shania introduces Reba and presents Entertainer of the Year at the 2007 ACM Awards.

Shania sings I'm Gonna Getcha Good and Up at the 2003 AMA Awards.

Shania sings in her sexy silver mini-dress at the Top of the Pops (3 - 10 minute scenes) or (Full 30 minute Version)

Shania's performance in a corset and miniskirt at the 1999 Grammies

Shania Hosts and performs at the 2003 Juno Awards

Shania performs in her leopardskin bra at VH1s Big in 2003 Awards (She bounces nicely in this video!)

Shania at the BBC Fame Academy sings "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" in tight jeans and semi-sheer top.

Shania sings Man! I Feel Like a Woman! at the Party in the Park concert (1998 London).

Shania sings You're Still the One at the Party in the Park concert (1998 London)

Shania's interview with Entertainment Tonight (Canada) Part 1: Her perfume and Celine Dion's album, The Woman in Me

Shania's interview with Entertainment Tonight (Canada) Part 2: Shania talks about fame and how she stays so young looking.

Shania is interviewed on CMT Canada and asked about her upcoming album.

Shania scores the # 1 spot on CMT's Ultimate Canadians.

Shania gets interviewed on Star Daily

Shania carries the Olympic Torch into Timmins. (New)

Shania stars as a guest judge on American Idol. (New)


Shania TV Interviews, Profiles and Biographies

MuchMoreMusic Profile: Shania Twain

Shania stars on Oprah with Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge

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Adult Video Clips


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