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 This US News and World Report article chronicles the tragic events stemming from Shania Twain's actions during her 'Cumback' in 2009. Date Filed: 10th September, 2010

 Country superstar Shania Twain has become notorious following the terrible series of events associated with her return to the spotlight in 2009, following her divorce. The events that followed since, have led many to refer to them as Shania's 'Cumback', with the full consequences of the cumback still unknown. The chain of events triggered in the fall of 2009 continues to unravel, with fresh cases of SDS (Shania Derangement Syndrome) being reported daily.

 The story begins with the aftermath of Shania's divorce from multiple sex offender 'Mutt' Lange. The name 'Mutt' apparently comes from his repeated lewd acts involving canines. Following her tragic divorce, Miss Twain took to the internet to find solace in total strangers. She stumbled upon the now infamous website '' whose membership included a large proportion of virgins (not anymore, thanks to Miss Twain), sex offenders, perverts, accountants and various other social misfits. Using multiple user ID's, Miss Twain began chatting with several members, making plans to meet them, never revealing her true identity. Miss Twain has not revealed the motives behind her actions yet it is widely speculated that she was provoked into action by all the nasty fantasies of members of the aforementioned site and wanted to teach the over-sexed members of a lesson.

 During her tour to promote her new album, Miss Twain broke into the houses of adultshania members in various cities and would tie them up, before proceeding to tease them to the brink of insanity. Apparently, Miss Twain was inspired by the award winning story 'The Visitor' written by adultshania member 'shaniainbondage'. The general pattern involved breaking into member's houses at night, tying them spread-eagled to their beds, then spending the whole night nibbling at various tender body parts, while refusing to let them cum. Veteran adultshania member 'shaniasucks' suffered especially badly, as Miss Twain spent the entire night alternating between licking and sucking his dick (w/o letting him cum), as well as leaning over his face, so that her lovely breasts were just out of reach of his mouth. 'shaniasucks' suffered multiple ligament injuries in his spine due to constant efforts to try and reach Shania's 'forbidden fruits'.

 Shania was even more creative with adultshania founder, 'Farmer John', kidnapping him and spending days tormenting him by sucking his cock and balls, without letting him cum even once. Other members were allowed to suckle on Shania's breasts for brief periods, only to heighten their despair as Shania would pull her tits back from their mouths after a few minutes of sucking. Veteran erotica writer 'shaniainbondage' suffered terribly too, Shania spent a whole day letting him lick every bit of her lovely body he wanted, before then tying him to his bed and spending the next two days practicing strip routines, belly dancing etc in front of him, while never letting him get anywhere near her delicious body (or letting him cum).

 Having accomplished her naughty mission, Shania continued her tour, thinking nothing of the seriousness of the consequences that would follow. The trouble began with the various members of adultshania who had been subjected to this 'tittylation' reporting serious psychological trauma. 'shaniasucks' is reported to have been unable to see anything at all, as his senses had been overloaded by visions of Shania's melons, which were all he could now see. GG reported serious withdrawal symptoms, as did Farmer John and others. Evil Girl had spent the whole night having Shania suck her clit (w/o letting her cum of course) and now had a permanently swollen clitoris. This catalog of maladies caused the adultshania members to sue Miss Twain, with the case going before Canada's Supreme Court, in a case widely referred to as Members vs Milf.

 Psychologists asked to testify in the case classified the ailment of the adultshania members as a new psychological condition known as SDS, or Shania Derangement Syndrome. This condition has been described by noted Psychologist Dr Ivan T. O. Jerkov as being similar to a serious drug addiction, with victims suffering from similar withdrawal symptoms, as mentioned earlier. Scientific tests were performed on Miss Twain, by making volunteers suckle on her tits for varying periods of time and then studying the extent of psychological trauma. It was found that Miss Twain's tits were dangerously addictive irrespective of exposure/suckling time. Similar results were observed for other body parts as well. Following these tests, Miss Twain's breasts (and pussy and ass and thighs and tummy etc) were all added to the list of controlled substances, which also includes milder drugs such as cocaine etc.

 Following these scientific investigations the court ruled to establish a new rehab center at Timmins, Ontario where the victims could be treated for their illness. The treatment process decided was to gradually wean sufferers off Shania; by having them suckle her daily for shorter and shorter periods until eventually they were able to go without suckling/sucking/kissing/licking/biting Shania for longer and longer periods of time. Unfortunately, the plan was a catastrophic failure as in most cases, addictions worsened. STgoddess reportedly went on hunger strike to protest reduced periods of Shania suckling and demanded a return to the previous, longer sessions. Many other sufferers joined in with similar protests, heralding the total failure of the plan. As a result, Shania is topless virtually all the time, with one or both of her tits always being sucked by one of her victims. Further experiments were tried as well, to find solutions to this problem. One idea was to wean victims off Shania's tits by leading them to a different, less addictive body part. The results of these experiments were disastrous, as in some cases, the alternate body part was even more addictive. For instance, Farmer John now needs at least 5 minutes to suck and fuck Shania's tight asshole each day, while Evil Girl has developed a similar addiction to Shania's pussy. The most foolhardy experiment was carried out on shaniainbondage, whose tongue has now changed shape to better fit Shania's belly button, providing an interesting case study for evolutionary biologists. Shania's nipples are now permanently erect as well, and with the continuous sexual treatment, the little singer is looking younger and cuter than ever before.

 Taking advantage of her new found virility, Miss Twain decided to finally pose for Playboy. Her decision initially appeared to be a wonderful thing, as a period of never before seen world peace was attained simply by distributing free copies of the relevant issue of Playboy to terrorists, dictators et al the world over, in exchange for signing peace treaties. In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters handed in AK 47's and pledges of neutrality in return for copies of the Playboy issue. In Iran, President Ahmedinejad and the Council of Guardians decided to halt their nuclear program, in return for a lifetime supply of Shania porn, and a special visit from the lady herself. Shania seemed a shoe-in for the Nobel peace prize, until the underlying disaster began to reveal itself last month.

 The nude pics of Shania in all her glory proved to themselves be terribly addictive, with millions glued to their issues of Playboy 24x7, unable to do any meaningful work. Hundreds more patients have now flocked to the rehab center at Timmins to save themselves from their new-found addiction. Governments are now taking steps to resolve the crisis with nude, semi nude and even vaguely suggestive picture of Shania now being restricted. To deal with the large number of patients, geneticist Craig Venter is working on a project to clone Shania so as to help alleviate the sufferings of SDS patients in rehab.

 For those who suffer from SDS, the future is uncertain, with no end to their addiction in sight. Our thoughts are with them and we wish them the speediest recovery. We will continue to track this situation as it develops, keeping you informed of every new twist in this intriguing tale.



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