The Visitor

Story by: ShaniaInBondage


 It was late. A cool breeze blew in from the slightly open bedroom window. Shania Twain grabs a towel from the rack and dries off her long brown hair. She tightens the vanilla colored strap of her bathrobe that covers her graceful body and exits the bathroom. "Downtime," Shania sighs, sliding into bed. Her head hits the pillow and then her shoulders relax. Her eyes close and then open. She feels the string of her robe as it loosens and for a moment she's worried about her window. Thankfully, it's only slightly ajar. Enough people lust after her body, she doesn't need to give the neighbors a free peak. Outside, Rosemarie looks at the autographed picture of her idle. She licks her lips, feels a tingle in her crotch. An image pops into her mind, real as anything. Rosemarie is squeezing Shania's tits from behind and they feel so soft in her hands "Fuck," Rosemarie whispers. Her eyes open and her mind refocuses on the task at hand. There's a dim light coming from the second floor window, the one in the center. "Take what you want," Rosemarie whispers, tightening the grip on the black bag that she's holding in her left hand. She looks left and then right, and she sees the trees. They're swaying gently in the distance. Rosemarie grips the black bag. She takes small baby steps towards the tiny concrete walkway, the one that leads to the front door. She looks at the wooden guard, the one that stands in the way of her destiny. In truth, there's nothing to be afraid of. Shania has just come off the road and she never uses the burglar alarm when she gets off the road. Rosemarie has studied her subject well. She has read up on all of Shania's idiosyncrasies. She goes into her bag, pulls out a small pocket knife. It gleams in the darkness. Rosemarie looks around. She places the tip of the knife between the tumbler and the catch. "Come on baby," she giggles, tongue protruding through her teeth. The lock pops quietly, the alarm remains silent. Rosemarie catches a glimpse of Shania's living room as the door opens. "My lover has good taste," smiles Rosemarie, tiptoeing inside. She looks back over her shoulder and closes the front door ever so gently. Shania stirs silently, tightening the grip on her blanket. She wishes that she had closed the window. Her nipples are hard and are protruding through the fabric of her robe. "I'm coming," purrs Rosemarie, walking towards the staircase.

 Rosemarie's heart races, her stomach tightens and then tingles. "Take what you want," Rosemarie tells herself. She thinks about Shania and how much she wants to fuck her. Rosemarie remembers the video that she watched before she left the house. Shania was dressed up in a dominatrix suit, her breasts jiggling and overflowing. Finally, Rosemarie reaches the top step. She feels her way around with the heel of her foot. She sighs, feels that tingle in her tummy again. "Take what you want," Rosemarie tells herself, thinking of the picture in FHM. It was the one where Shania was decked out in a black leather tank top. It was the photo where Shania's perfect breasts were slightly exposed. Rosemarie remembers a moment that she had in the bathtub. She's trying to keep her fingers away from her clit, but the sight of Shania's breasts makes that task impossible. The water is soapy and warm and no one is around. In the end, Rosemarie has an orgasm by herself. The only witness is Shania. Rosemarie sees Shania's bedroom door. It's slightly ajar and a flash of dim light is slicing across the carpet. Rosemarie feels the plush fabric beneath her feet. She thinks of all the things that she wants to do to Shania. Rosemarie is standing beside the door now, watching her prey. Shania is sleeping on her left side, facing the window. "Showtime," giggles Rosemarie, gripping the black bag in her hand. She walks inside the bedroom, taking her place on the right side of the bed. She watches Shania, purring and contented, gripping her blanket in her sleep. She looks absolutely enchanting. Rosemarie places the bag down beside her and looks at her pray with adoration.

 She unbuckles the snaps and removes a pair of silver handcuffs. Rosemarie takes a breath and leans on the mattress with both knees. Shania stirs as the mattress moves. Her eyes flutter and then she rolls towards Rosemarie. Rosemarie's heart is racing. She sees a small patch of Shania's flesh when her bathrobe opens up. "What the?..." Shania says. She's startled, her eyes are filled with surprise and fear. The drawstring of Shania's robe loosens. She feels the sting of the wind against her bare flesh. "Click," goes the cuff, clamping around Shania's left wrist. In moments, she's cuffed to her headboard. "Please..." Shania begs, her breathing labored and heavy "Shhhhh," Rosemarie whispers. She places her index finger on Shania's lips and wipes away a salty tear. She gently strokes Shania's beautiful face and kisses her on the cheek.

 "Please..." Shania begs again. The cuffs pinch Shania's flesh and the pain forces her eyes to close. "Don't cry," coos Rosemarie, climbing on top of Shania. Her legs are on each side of Shania's thighs now. At this moment, Rosemarie's mind wanders. She thinks of everything that she wants to do to Shania. Rosemarie licks her lips, slowly undoing the drawstring of Shania's robe. The fabric parts and Shania's body belongs to Rosemarie. Shania's breasts are round and supple and her nipples are just the right size. Not too big, not too small. Her stomach is flat and her skin is soft and smooth to the touch. "I'll be right back," purrs Rosemarie, climbing off of Shania. Rosemarie grabs her bag and places it beside Shania.

 Rosemarie removes an orange and a plain looking bowl. She places the bowl on the nightstand and moves to the other side of the bed. She strips, throwing her clothes on the floor. Her nipples are hard and her pussy is already moist. Rosemarie takes the dangling cuff on Shania's other wrist and attaches it to the bedpost. "Now you're mine," sighs Rosemarie, rather lustily. Shania struggles desperately, her breasts jiggling, her face betraying her state of panic. Rosemarie removes a black nylon from the small pouch in her bag. "What are you doing?" whines Shania, still struggling in vain. She fears Rosemarie and the black object that's in her hand. Rosemarie laughs. She moves on top of Shania, admiring the curviness of her prey with a lustful sigh. Rosemarie lifts up Shania's head and wraps the nylon around her eyes. Shania is terrified of the darkness and struggles more violently than ever. Rosemarie doesn't want to hurt Shania, but she wants her captive to abandon her futile resistance.

 She delves into her bag and withdraws a pair of steel nipple clamps. She teases Shania's nipples with them, before slowly fastening them onto Shania's sensitive nipples. Rosemarie slowly tightens them, Shania feels the pain increase as her imprisoned nipples are pinched harder and harder; the clamps' sharp teeth bite into Shania's nipples, causing her to squeal and writhe in pain. Rosemarie leans over her victim and whispers, "I'll remove those clamps if you promise to stop struggling. Promise?" "Yes" whispers Shania softly, submitting to her captor. Rosemarie carefully removes the clamps and tenderly, lovingly kisses Shania's nipples.

 She retrieves a small bottle of massage oil from her bag and rubs some onto her hands. She then begins to massage Shania's firm flesh in a gentle, almost reverent manner. She rubs the oil into Shania's perfect tits, paying special attention to those delicious nipples. She tugs at them and rolls them, twisting them from side to side. She produces an egg shaped vibrator and uses it on the hard nipples, causing Shania to moan softly at the delightful torture she's suffering. She then slowly massages Shania's lovely, flat belly, pausing to play with her belly-button. She inserts her finger in and feels around inside it, rubbing harder and harder. She takes out a paint brush, dips it in the oil and uses it tickle and probe Shania's navel. Rosemarie then transfers her attention to Shania's luscious, juicy thighs, rubbing the oil in ever so slowly.

 She finishes with Shania's thighs and slides off her of prey. She stands by the side of the bed for a moment. She opens her black bag, a bunch of possibilities running through her mind. She removes a small pocket knife and smiles at the bowl on the nightstand. Rosemarie licks her lips. She sticks the knife into the gut of the orange and splinters it in half. She lifts a piece of the orange high into the air and squeezes the juice onto Shania's stomach. It drips downward, towards Shania's neatly shaved pubic hair. "No!" Shania moans, smelling Rosemarie's perfume. Shania smells the scent of Rosemarie's hair. It reminds her of Irish Spring soap. Shania feels Rosemarie's hand as it cups her right breast. She feels Rosemarie's tongue as it licks the sticky flesh of her flat belly. Rosemarie nibbles the firm flesh with her teeth and licks at it lovingly. Her lips close around Shania's navel, her tongue caressing it. It darts in and out of Shania's deep belly-button, tasting and exploring it. Rosemarie starts by licking its edges, then goes deeper, licking its walls, then the three nubs of abdomen flesh that meet to form the pit of Shania's navel, which Rosemarie's tongue laps at hungrily, while her lips which are fastened around the navel's rim, suck for all they're worth.

 "You taste so good," smiles Rosemarie, as she inserts the egg as far it will go into Shania's navel and turns it on to high. Shania's stomach heaves up and down, the pleasure makes every nerve in her body tingle as the egg vibrates within the depths of her belly-button. Rosemarie grabs Shania's left breast, squeezing the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. "You're so beautiful!" Rosemarie purrs. She licks the nipple of Shania's right breast, biting the tip ever so gently. Shania's flesh feels so good in her mouth. "Open your mouth," begs Rosemarie. "No..." breathes Shania, trying to fight the darkness. Rosemarie slides her hand down Shania's inner thigh. Gently, Rosemarie pries Shania's legs open. Her fingers creep downward and Shania quivers when Rosemarie's digits enter her hole. Her lungs heave up and down, her mouth opening slightly. "Can I kiss you?" asks Rosemarie. Her fingers caress the auburn colored stubble of Shania's pubic hair. "Let me go!" whispers Shania, in despair. "Kiss me first," Rosemarie. Her crotch moistens as Shania's breasts collide with hers.

 Shania takes a breath. She smells the scent of Irish Spring soap again and she smells the sweetness of Rosemarie's perfume. Sweet, but not to sweet. She moans softly. She's never been dominated like this before. Her mind is filled with conflicting emotions. She wants her freedom back, being controlled like this by a complete stranger fills her with fear and anger and yet also with anticipation. Her senses are flooding her brain with signals of pleasure, her whole body tingles in the most delightfully sensual way. Her heart pumps furiously, adrenaline rushing through her gorgeous body. Rosemarie withdraws a pair of long syringes from her bag. Their nozzles have been sawn off and they are just wide enough to fit a nipple. Rosemarie uses them to suck up Shania's nipples, pulling out the plungers, the vacuums within generating enormous suction on Shania's poor, aching nipples. Shania whimpers in agony as her juicy nipples are devoured by the syringes, which suck them mercilessly, causing them to swell. "Open your mouth" commands Rosemarie sternly. Shania has no choice but to obey, for fear of what further torment she might suffer otherwise.

 Shania feels Rosemarie's tongue as it enters her mouth. It's warm and gentle and loving. Their tongues dance together in perfect harmony. Rosemarie pushes forward. One hand is on Shania's breast and one hand is on Shania's crotch. Rosemarie's hand moves upward, off Shania's breast. Her fingertips stroke Shania's cheek. Meanwhile, Rosemarie's other hand explores Shania's private area. She removes the syringes from Shania's nipples, rubbing them soothingly and kissing the neck of her prey, kneading Shania's gorgeous tits in her hands. The flesh feels so good between her fingers. It's so soft and so succulent. Rosemarie cups one of Shania's breasts in her hand, sucking on it hungrily. "Ummm," Rosemarie purrs, looking up at her prey for a moment.

 She rubs one of Shania's nipples between her thumb and her forefinger, licking it with the edge of her long tongue. Rosemarie bites down on the hard nipple, causing Shania to groan as Rosemarie's teeth grind it. She then takes Shania's tit in her mouth. Her lips refuse to let go for a while. She stimulates the other nipple with the vibrator, keeping it in contact with the very tip of the nipple. "I'll be right be back," whispers Rosemarie, kissing Shania on the cheek. She climbs off of her prey and then she navigates her way through the darkness. Rosemarie feels the carpet with her feet as she ascends the staircase. Reaching the first floor, a smile engulfs Rosemarie's face. The taste of Shania's luscious tits moisten her crotch. Rosemarie navigates her way through the darkness, heading towards the kitchen. She knows where everything is, including the bag of sugar that Shania always keeps in the cabinet by the telephone. Rosemarie puts some ice in a baggie and then she puts the tray back in the fridge.

 With the sugar and the cubes in her hand, Rosemarie navigates her way through the darkness. When she makes it back to her prey, she sees that Shania is still struggling against the cuffs. "Be a good girl!" warns Rosemarie, moving towards the center of the bed. She moves on top of Shania and takes out a pinwheel from her bag. She begins with Shania's nipples. Rosemarie runs the pinwheel slowly and deliberately over them. Their sharp points dig into Shania's flesh, the pain coursing through her tits. Rosemarie spends a good five minutes doing this, running the pinwheel back and fourth over each nipple agonizingly. She then runs it over Shania's belly, first sideways and then up and down, enjoying the sound of Shania's moans as she endures the torment her firm flesh is being subjected to. Rosemarie applies more pressure as the pinwheel travels along Shania's stomach but is careful not to penetrate Shania's soft skin.

 Shania gyrates slowly from side to side, her belly wiggling in every direction, trying to escape the pain being inflicted on her. Rosemarie watches hungrily as Shania performs this involuntary slow, sexy belly-dance on the bed. She stops the torture and fondles Shania's belly and breasts. She leans over Shania and says "Every time you struggle or try to escape I will punish you this way. Behave yourself, don't resist me and I won't torture you any more." Satisfied that she has finally broken Shania's high spirit into submission, Rosemarie returns to the job of pleasuring her lovely prisoner. She opens Shania's legs, admiring the daintiness of her pussy. Rosemarie opens the sugar bag, pouring some on her fingers and on Shania's glorious pussy. Her clitoris is swollen with excitement. Rosemarie licks her lips and puts her mouth in between Shania's legs. Her tongue is slow at first, but then it speeds up. It begins at the bottom of Shania's pussy and travels upwards to her clit. Her curious tongue explores Shania's private zone. She brings her conquest to the edge of orgasm, then pulls her back.

 "Jesus," Shania breathes. She ignores the pinching sensation of the cuffs, her body spasming with pleasure. Rosemarie enjoys the taste of Shania's womanhood on her lips. The visitor smiles and takes a standing position. She moves to the side of the bed and lays beside her prey, cuddling her for a few seconds. "I'm going to unhook you, don't try to escape" Rosemarie whispers in Shania's ear, biting softly at her ear lobe. "Wha... wha," stammers Shania, her wrists finally free. Shania's freedom is short lived though. Soon, she is handcuffed to the other end of the bed. Her tight ass is up in the air and her large breasts are hanging down without a bra. "Yummy," purrs Rosemarie, spreading Shania's ass cheeks. Her tongue darts inside Shania's ass. It doesn't stop until Rosemarie can taste Shania's asshole. "Fuck!" screams Shania, her tongue moistening her lips.

 She's really enjoying the experience, despite her best efforts not to. Rosemarie takes out a string of love beads from her bag and rubs on some lubricant. She then slowly inserts the beads into Shania's asshole until it is completely filled. She inserts the vibrator into Shania's pussy and turns it to high, watching as Shania's body slowly convulses, the torrents of pleasure coursing through her body. Rosemarie then begins to remove the beads. As she pulls each bead out of Shania's asshole, she lets it slide back in momentarily, before finally withdrawing it. Shania's body is wracked by a powerful orgasm, her back arching, the muscles in her legs stretched taut. She groans loudly, the power of her climax overcoming her.

 "Be right back," whispers Rosemarie removing the vibrator from Shania's pussy and leaping off the bed. She grabs an ice cube from the baggie and slides under Shania. Rosemarie rubs the wet cube on Shania's nipple. The visitor pinches the hard wet nipple between her fingers and bites the tip. Done with Shania's nipples, Rosemarie puts the whole breast in her mouth. "So fucking good," she laughs, working Shania's other tit with the ice cube. Her tongue is methodical. It moves up and down and then it moves from side to side. She cups Shania's other breast and places it in her mouth. Rosemarie licks the hardened nipple like a blissful newborn.

 "Stop!" pants Shania, as Rosemarie fingers her moist clit. "You horny bitch," scolds Rosemarie, re-attaching the nipple clamps and returning her attention to Shania's pussy, sucking up her womanly juices. Shania begins to moan softly, both from the pleasure of having her pussy eaten and the pain the clamps are inflicting on her delicious nipples. Rosemarie laps at Shania's clit, her tongue moving from side to side, while one hand tugs at the chain of the nipple clamps. She grabs a handful of tits, tasting the fruits of yet another Shania Twain orgasm. She removes the restraints and clamps from her disorientated prisoner, who is too exhausted to move. She cuddles up with Shania in bed, their naked bodies pressing against each other. She strokes Shania's face gently and kisses her softly, until her gorgeous subject falls asleep in her arms.


 The sun shines brightly on Shania's naked body. She turns to her left, not bothering to cover her breasts with a cover. A single red rose and a hand written note is sitting on the pillow.

 Dear Miss Twain,

 I didn't mean to scare you. You were incredible Shania.


 The Visitor



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