Super Balled

 Shania starts the halftime show at the football game and the fans are all stirred up anticipating her arrival. Her male fans go crazy when the hot busty singer bounces up the stairs and to the front of the stage before them. The first song out of her lips is; I'm Gonna Getcha Good! and the men go wild as she struts across the stage in her flesh revealing outfit. It's a wardrobe a whore would kill to have in their collection and gets the hormones raging as her short black miniskirt and diamond studded bra show off a lot of the tiny little female's lusted after body. Each step in her fuck-me boots causes a jump in her breasts and one would swear that the bra holding her tits up would break with every stride she takes. Shania is feeling particularly horny that day and decides to tease the millions of people watching the game by getting on her knees at the front of the stage to sign autographs. It looks simple enough to most of the fans except the ones where she's signing away. The cameras also catch all the action as her massive breasts hang low, straining at the bra that was built more for show than it was for support. Shania scribbles her name as her milkbags sway and jiggle beneath her, pulling the bra away from her body to make her cleavage look even more spectacular. The country cutie gets up again to finish the song and finally what even man in the world was waiting for happens... but not exactly the way they expected. Shania tucks her thumb into her bra in the center and quickly pulls outward snapping the front clasp and letting the glittering tit supports fly open. Without showing any embarrassment Shania continues to belt out the song and finishes with her arms stretched out to her sides and her tits sticking out for all to admire. The fans in the front row go crazy as she bows and straightens up again to begin her next song. In all the excitement, her nipples have begun to protrude further and further until they are sticking out like gumdrops from her bouncy breasts. Before uttering a word she points at a young man and motions him to approach her on the stage. The fan looks shocked, but eagerly jumps up on the stage and stands before his idol. Shania gets him to hold the mike for her as she gets to her knees and undoes his pants letting them fall down around his ankles. She then tugs his boxer shorts down and takes the mike back remarking on how healthy he looks. The song begins and Shania begins singing, "I'm going up!" and almost on cue the young man's cock begins to get hard. As the cute little country star sings, she spreads her legs and slowly pulls up on her short skirt lifting it to reveal her fish-net covered thighs and finally to the young man's delight... NO panties! The sight of this tiny little bitch spreading her legs and having her tits flopping around are too much for the fan and he immediately kneels between her legs and buries his face in her perfectly trimmed cunt. As her pink pussy lips slide into his mouth Shania continues to sing and stroke her hips over the young man's face. The cameras continue to roll and the censors get furious as the little slut gyrates on the fan's face and ends the song with a hearty "UP, UP, UP!"

 With the crowds undivided attention Shania lies on her back, raises her legs in the air, then slowly spreads her legs for the men in the audience. The fan takes the hint and immediately mounts her, thrusting his hard cock into her inviting snatch and begins pounding away on her tiny figure as her tits shake violently back and forth. It isn't long before the man's body tenses up, his face strains and a huge load of sperm is unloaded into the singer's tight fuck hole. The fan dismounts her, places a nice long kiss on her lips and leaves the stage with a huge smile on his face.

 The last song is "Man, I Feel Like a Woman!" and Shania decides to prove it worldwide by allowing as many fans as she can to come up on the stage and fuck her for the 'Grande Finale'. As soon as she belts out the title of the song she motions for the men to join her on stage and doesn't have to wait long. The men stream up the stairs and waste no time stripping and shoving their hard cocks into the inviting little tease. With the singer almost completely surrounded by men, the only cameras able to catch the action are the cameras suspended from the dome by wires. They get a great view as the men kneel around Shania to suck on her tits and thrust their cocks into her one after another, each man pumping load after load into the cute brunette as she continues to sing. After about 10 men have shot their load inside her the cameras pick up even more juicy detail. Shania spreads her legs further and reveals the men's cum oozing from her tight little pussy as she starts to overflow with cum. The men don't care and continue to stuff their cocks into her as the white gooey sperm acts as a lubricant and dribbles out of her to the stage floor.

 As the song slowly comes to an end, Shania informs the men that they need to finish when the song ends so she can leave for the next entertainer. Suddenly the men frantically begin masturbating and pounce on the tiny woman. They start fucking her ass, her pussy and every body part they can rub their cocks against. The cameras have a little trouble picking up the action but continue to roll as men begin humping her thighs, her waist, her breasts and one man even begins humping the back of her head. Other men just stand over the singer as she writhes on the stage and shoot load after load on any of her exposed skin they can find. Finally the song ends and the men leave the stage to reveal the mess they left behind. Shania lays there for a few seconds as the cameras focus on her body. She is almost completely coated in slimy white goo and as she struggles to her feet, the massive loads in her cunt and ass squirt out and run down her fishnet pantyhose in gobs. Her hair is slicked back with sperm and the stage has a large cum puddle where she was laying. Shania bows to the audience as they go wild and for the rest of the halftime show and football game the fans chanted her name for an encore.


Shania's huge tits fall out just before she gets fucked on stage!


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