Quickie at the Mall

 To promote her new album, Shania is booked at Walmart to do an autograph session. When she arrives, there are thousands of screaming fans and as she signs the CDs, she is constantly downing her bottles of water. After nearly 3 hours of signing, she decides she needs a break and really needs a trip to the bathroom. She tells her PR person and her security people escort her to the bathrooms were she quickly darts inside and out of sight. Her PR person, Tracey escorts her in to make sure she is OK and waits by the door unaware that in one of the stalls another girl is already there. Shania can hear the young girl on her cell phone telling the other person how she was waiting to get her Shania autograph and how she didn't think she was going to be lucky enough to meet her idol. The young girl sounds sweet and Shania listens for a while as Monique describes how she always listens to Shania's music when she's depressed and how a few times she was thinking of killing herself but Shania's music gave her hope. Suddenly Shania couldn't take it any more and decided she had to meet this girl at all costs and decides to wash her hands to get the girl's attention.

 Monique walks out of her stall and heads over to wash her hands as Shania keeps her back to the young blonde, then walks quietly behind the girl as she washes her hands. Finally she speaks and asks the young girl what she would do if she met Shania. Surprised, Monique turns around and as soon as she notices her idol standing in front of her she quickly wraps her arms around the stunned singer and gives her a big hug, practically squishing the air out of her she is so excited. The outpouring of affection warms Shania even more to her little fan and she looks down in shock as the tiny blonde quickly drops to her knees and starts kissing her feet. The act of total devotion catches Shania off guard and she quickly picks the young girl up to tell her she doesn't have to be treated any differently than any other person and wants to be treated as just a friend. She tries, but before she can get the words out Monique presses her soft pink lips against Shania's and begins a long passionate kiss refusing to stop until Tracey grabs her by the hair and pries her away from the startled singer. Forcefully the dedicated assistant ushers the young blonde to the door to throw her out, but before she can open the door, Shania calls her back and asks her to release the pretty Monique.

 A shocked Tracey stares with her mouth open as Shania rests her arms on Monique's shoulders, leans forward and continues necking with her cute fan. The equally tiny Monique wiggles her tiny body in closer and doesn't stop until she is pressed tight against Shania's soft curves, wrapping her arms around Shania's waist to pull her body close. Nearly five minutes pass as the two women continue with there never-ending kiss and Tracy begins to get horny too as she watches the two beautiful women gently sucking on each other's tongues and running their tongues over each other's wet lips. Suddenly Shania breaks off the kiss and backs against the wall as if totally drained from the kiss. Monique wastes no time in advancing on her as she leans against the wall and slowly unbuttons Shania's satin blouse to reveal the singer's incredibly huge breasts supported by a black lace bra. The bra is semi-sheer and Monique marvels at the large pink aureoles staring at her through the delicate fabric, the fat gumdrop sized nipples just begging to be milked. She leaves the bra on for the moment but grabs the bottom of her "I Love Shania" tee-shirt and pulls it up over her head to reveal her own cute little breasts. Monique is young and not built like her idol but her bubbly personality and cute little school-girl figure really begin to arouse Shania. Impatiently she waits until her little blonde partner has her top off then she quickly pulls Monique close and lets her sample her soft chest. Monique senses Shania's eagerness and decides to tease her new lover by playing with the singer's sensitive nipples through the delicate fabric of the bra. She runs a finger around Shania's aureole in tight little circles until she reaches the hard nipple, then pinches it tightly between her fingertips coaxing a gentle cooing from Shania.

 Meanwhile Tracey has taken a spot on the washroom counter and has pulled her panties off to begin masturbating as her boss gets it on with the young fan. This job really had its perks and she watches intently as the young girl teases and arouses Shania to the point of total surrender. Finally Shania can't take it any more and rips her bra open letting her huge breasts flop out. She quickly grabs Monique by the back of her head and firmly pulls her tight until her nipple brushes against her fan's wet lips. It takes Monique no time at all to respond and she eagerly opens her mouth to let the erect nipple enter, then latches on to suck the soft stretchy teat into her mouth as far as it would go. Tracey fingers slide faster over her hard clit as she watches Shania's breast flesh disappear into Monique's mouth as she rhythmically pumps the fat juicy tit. For nearly ten minutes the pretty blonde tenderly nurses on Shania's breast before the intense arousal forces the tiny singer's body to react and her motherly hormones kick in. The large fatty breast begins squirting milk in streams and Monique is treated to a baby's feast. The nourishing warm milk drives Monique crazy and she drinks freely on Shania's milk, massaging the soft nipple against the top of her mouth with her tongue to coax more and more of the tasty white cream from Shania's body.

 Slowly Shania reaches down to unsnap her tight fitting leather pants as she continues to be milked and moans in delight as she wiggles her way out of the clothes. The black lace panties hit the floor at her feet and Shania decides Monique has had enough of a meal. Grasping Monique's head in both her hands she slowly pulls the blonde from her breast, stretching the nipple out until it finally pulls free and snaps back to her chest making her breast shake like it was made of jello. Monique laps up the trickle of milk that leaks from her breast tip to run down Shania's round breast, flowing down her belly as Monique is slowly guided downward.

 Back on the counter, Tracey has already had a few orgasms and the wet sticky countertop is coated with her cum as she continues to watch and masturbate. Her clothes are piled neatly on the other end of the counter and her slender fingers continue to slide back and forth over her throbbing pink clit as she sits in a puddle of her own cum. Shania has positioned herself against the wall with her legs spread slightly and her little fan Monique is exactly where she wants her... between her legs. Burying her face between Shania's legs, Monique laps at the tiny singer's pink pussy lips and slips her tongue gently under the hood protecting the sensitive clit. Once she has it free, she wraps her lips around the perky little bud and starts sucking the clit causing Shania's legs to twitch uncontrollably as if jolts of electricity were shooting through her crotch.

 Before Shania cums, she remembers what she came to the bathroom for and asks Monique if she would do her a huge favor. The pretty blonde looks up at Shania and nods politely at her hero and Shania explains that she would like Monique to drink her pee to prove herself as her number one fan. This offer is more than Monique could have hoped for and she quickly gets to her feet and drags Shania by the hand into the large end stall with lots of room to move around. The little blonde positions the singer against the wall, spreads Shania's legs slightly and kneels in position between her legs again. This time she doesn't try to suck on the clit but instead slowly pushes her tongue deep into Shania's fuck hole and curls it a little form a trough for the urine to flow down.

 As soon as Monique looks like she's ready Shania carefully lets her bladder empty and a small trickle of pee escapes the small hole in her pussy. The warm yellow urine begins to flow across Monique's tongue and down her throat and as more and more of the bitter pee fills her mouth, the young blonde masterfully swallows the golden liquid. For perhaps a minute the urine streams from Shania's cunt and Monique downs it all like a fine wine until every last drop consumed. The little blonde licks Shania's wet pussy clean and gets to her feet. As soon as Monique has finished cleaning her pubic area, the star sits on the toilet and begins taking a shit, looking up at the young blonde as if she were her new best friend. Monique is impressed too and stares at Shania sitting naked on the toilet, the sound of the smelly shit escaping the pretty singer's tight asshole and splashing to the water below. It was cool to know that her hero takes a shit like everyone else and it felt very erotic kneeling in front of Shania and watching her as she was doing it.

 Suddenly she was done and Shania stands to flush the toilet. Reaching for a piece of toilet paper to wipe her ass, her wrist is intercepted by Monique who tells Shania to turn around and let her take care of it. Shania thinks Monique is going to wipe her ass clean but is stunned when she feels Monique's delicate hands forcing her ass cheeks apart and a gasp escapes her as she feels a rough tongue licking at her tight puckered asshole. The thought of this young beauty licking her clean after a shit gets Shania even hotter and she practically cums right there and then as the probing slippery wet tongue removes the gooey brown excrement. As Monique carefully licks Shania clean all she can hear is Shania telling her how much she loves her and wants to spend the rest of her life making love to her.

 When the blonde had finished, Shania lets her suck a little more breast milk to wash down the smelly shit and is finally ready to continue on with the heated lesbian sex with her new lover. She spreads her legs again but not before telling Monique she wanted to see her wearing her Shania tee-shirt. Monique picks up her shirt from the floor and pulls it back on before returning to her knees and sliding her face in between Shania's thighs to suck on the throbbing pink clit again. With all the excitement it doesn't take her long and within a few minutes Shania is spraying warm pussy juice all over Monique's face. So much ejaculate streams from her cunt that the young blonde can't keep up with it and it not only soaks her face, but her tee-shirt as well. By the time Shania finishes having her orgasm, Monique is drenched in the pretty singer's cum and smelling like she had just spent the day being fucked.

 Shania looks down at Monique and grins in delight at having "marked" her new bitch and thanks her new sex doll for being so accommodating. It's time she head back for the autograph session now because it had been nearly forty minutes since she headed off to the bathroom and her fans outside would be getting restless. Tracey had already finished her masturbating and was nearly done wiping up the gooey mess she had squirted all over the countertop as Monique was getting her Shania facial. The pretty little brunette walks over to her pile of clothes, first wiggling back into her panties and tight leather pants, then reaching for her bra. Unfortunately she had broken the front clasp in the excitement to rip it open and since it wouldn't close any more, she decides to give the present to Monique.

 The look of ecstasy fills Monique's face as she is handed the sexy sheer bra and she quickly holds it up to her face to smell the scent left behind by her favorite singer. She thanks Shania and quickly gives Shania a kiss on the cheek in gratitude. Shania slips back into her black satin blouse and walks over to the sink to freshen up her make-up, her huge breasts bouncing freely with every step and her hard nipples pushing small bumps into the satin. Hmmm, she thought to herself, those are going to get some attention from the uptight Country reporters. But subscribing to the "Any press is good press" motto, she decides to let her nipples stick out. At least they had stopped dripping milk and wouldn't be too embarrassing by soaking the front of her blouse.

 The singer gives Monique a thankful good-bye kiss that is both tender and passionate and the two women head back outside to resume the promotional CD signing. Monique is left in the bathroom to tidy up as her soaked face and tee-shirt looked like she had just been doused with a small bucket of water. She stands in front of the hand drier and hits the button to begin drying her clothes so that she doesn't attract too much attention.

 The autograph session goes on for nearly twenty minutes before Shania sees Monique wandering behind the crowd. The cute little blonde waves to Shania and is about to leave when she notices Shania motioning her to come over to the table. Confused, she walks over and greets Shania as if she had never met her before and Shania asks her if she had received her autographed CD yet. Monique had totally forgot in all the excitement and her eyes lit up again when the cute Country star pulls out a CD and starts scribbling on it, looking over at Tracey who also has a grin on her face. Shania hands it to her little blonde fan, winks at her as she takes it and returns to the line-up of fans wanting an autograph.

 Outside the store, Monique decides to looks at Shania's autograph and when she opens the CD, she is shocked to see what Shania had scribbled...

"To my darling Monique. I loved our time together, brief as it was, and want to see more of you. Please call me tonight and we can get together again at my hotel. I'm staying at the Hilton downtown so tell the front desk you want the penthouse suite. I'll tell them to expect you.

All my love,

    Shania Twain"