Fuck Shania Good!


Fuck Shania Good!


Fuck Shania Good!

This story is about Shania's career if she HADN'T become a successful music star. I would have wished she would have tried a few porn films and this one is one I'd definitely love to direct... Shania stars in:

You're Gonna Get Me Good!

I am the director of a major porn studio and Shania answers an add do a movie and make lots of money to pay the bills. With her pretty face and 36-23-35 inch figure I quickly agree and dress Shania up in a sheer black lacey body suit. The stage is built in a warehouse and the band members are all well hung porn stars. Between the band and the 'fans' who are also porn stars, there will be nearly 30 people in on this production. Mostly men, but there are about 3 women thrown in for variety. Before the shooting starts I call Shania into my office and discuss the movie with her. I know that she is hungry for money and make her an offer she can't refuse. I tell her she is going to do a gang-bang movie and she will make $1,000 for every guy that sticks his dick in her and another $300 - $1,000 per guy for the cum shot. The gorgeous little brunette's eyes light up as I explain the money and what she needs to do to make it. I continue to explain how the messier and raunchier the cum shot is, the more money she makes. I tell her if she lets every man fuck her hard and leave her gooey, she could make $54,000. As soon as the number is inked on the contract, Shania practically begs to sign up.

 The movie starts with Shania singing 'You're Gonna get me Good' and as she sings the song and struts around the stage, some of the various band members grope her gorgeous tits or reach between her legs to stroke her crotch. Her outfit is very thin, skin tight and partially see-through. She keeps singing and getting groped by her band until the song ends and she gets on her knees to sign an autograph for a group of 'fans'. Behind her, the men in the band have stripped and move in.

 Shania is still signing autographs when she feels a pair of hands reach between her legs and rip a hole in her outfit exposing her tight little pussy. Seconds later a large cock is shoved into her ass and she is being bounced around as her drummer slams his cock into her behind. A cute blonde getting her autograph reaches up and pulls Shania's head down lower to plant a long wet kiss on the singer's lips, sticking her tongue between Shania's lips and spitting in her open mouth. Shania's mind counts up the bucks as the cocks start filling her ass end. It isn't long before a couple of the men have worked their way into position so they can both shove their cocks into Shania's ass and the tiny brunette winces in pain as she handles the double anal penetration. As the two meaty cocks slam into her ass, a large black man grabs her by the head and forces his huge cock down her throat. He wastes no time shoving his meat into her and throat fucks her hard as his balls slap her chin. Another man straddles Shania's back and starts humping the back of her head, timing it so that he thrusts at the same time the large black man shoves his cock down her throat. The fuck fest continues with the girls strap-on fucking Shania then rubbing their wet cunts against Shania's tits making them glisten with pussy juice. After an hour and a half the scene starts winding down and the cum shots begin.

 The first shot hits Shania in the cheek and soaks the right side of her face, getting her in the eye and dripping down to hang from her chin. A couple other men jerk off and shoot their loads in her long dark hair. The huge black man jerks off is if to shoot in her mouth but at the last second moves in and fires his massive load up Shania's nostril pulling away to let it drip from her nose. Shania's head snaps back as the shot not only surprises her, but was so forceful she could feel it trickle down her throat. Yet another man pulls her hair aside and grabs her head in his hands humping the side of her head until he unloads in her ear filling it with sperm. Three more men shove their cocks into Shania's tight little pink pussy and shoot their cum into Shania's body. The men spread her pussy lips to show the gooey white sperm pouring from her throbbing fuck hole.

 After the guys have had their turns the girls decide to straddle the tiny singer's head and hump the back of her head until they squirt their cum all over Shania's hair. One of the overly horny men gets a little out of hand and the cameras catch him fucking Shania in her puckered little asshole. Suddenly he stops and thrusts deep into Shania's ass and clenches her hips tight. A yellow stream of urine gushes from Shania's ass and starts pouring down her thighs to form a puddle between her legs. A few of the other men see this and it isn't long before they are circled around Shania with their cocks in hand, peeing all over the singer as she writhes on the stage. This draws a commotion as they cheer and applaud Shania lying on the floor rolling around like a bitch in heat. Before long all the men are urinating on Shania's body. The scene ends with Shania laying on the stage, completely covered in cum and lying in a big pool of urine. Her naked body slowly swimming in the urine and cum as she slowly massages her clit. Her fingers move faster and faster until her body begins gyrating and twisting, her legs spreading wide until a huge stream of female ejaculate streams from her pussy. As soon as the goo comes to a stop she lies motionless on the floor and thinks about her new possible career.

 The next day she shows up for her pay. Her jaw drops to the floor as I hand her a suitcase full of money and her eyes light up. I offer to shoot many more movies with her and she eagerly agrees. I drive her to the bank and make sure she deposits it OK.