Elisha's Crush

Story by: ShaniaInBondage


 Elisha Cuthbert was thrilled to receive an invitation to the 2005 Grammies. For a B rated Hollywood celeb, the opportunity to appear on the red carpet at such a glamorous event is a huge opportunity. When the big day arrived, Elisha found herself jittery with nerves. As her car pulled up at the red carpet, she looked out and saw all the screaming fans and all the other celebrities parading up to the Staple's Centre where the awards are presented. Elisha got out of the car, blinded by the flashes of cameras going off; she looked really good in her red Versace dress. As she walked up the carpet, smiling and waving at fans, she saw a black stretch limo pull up. She turned to see who it was. Out of the car stepped the gorgeous figure of Shania Twain, Elisha's favorite singer. Elisha had always had a secret crush on her and now she could not help but look in admiration at the singer as she elegantly walked up the isle, wearing a stunning white gown. As Shania glided past, she flashed Elisha a quick smile and said 'Hi!' but Elisha was too smitten to reply. By the time she had regained her senses, Shania had walked past, mingling with all the other celebrities. With a sigh, Elisha turned and walked up the carpet to be ushered in by the event staff. The awards ceremony dragged on but all Elisha could think of was Shania, the very thought of her was making Elisha's pussy wet. Shania took the stage a couple of times to receive awards, much to Elisha's delight. The ceremony ended and the celebrities, fans and media gradually dispersed, either to after event parties or back to their hotel rooms. Elisha knew that Shania wasn't much for partying and since they were both staying at the Ritz, she decided to head back to the hotel too.

 Elisha went up to her room, had a wash and changed out of her expensive dress into a pair of tight leather pants and a very tight t-shirt which left little to the imagination. She was not of course wearing a bra, her nipples peeped through the material of her t-shirt seductively. She put on a little fresh makeup and looked at herself in the mirror appraisingly. "You look really awesome, babe!" she said to herself, trying to quell the butterflies in her stomach. She still was not sure if she had the audacity to pull this one off. She put the soft black silk sash in her pocket as well as another cloth to gag her victim with and a pill of powerful sedative. She put all the toys she wanted to use in a bag which she left on the table. She would return for the bag once she had captured her prey, taking it along would look suspicious. She was surprised to see that her hands were trembling, though whether it was from fear or anticipation she was not sure. She walked out into the deserted lobby and into a lift. She was so nervous that she could barely even press the button for the right floor without her hands shaking. The lift doors opened and Elisha stepped out. She walked up to the door of her quarry's suite and for a minute just stood there, uncertain of whether to go on or not. "Take what you want!" she told herself fiercely, thinking about all the things she wanted to do to her prey. She hesitantly knocked at the door and waited with baited breath for the door to open. She heard someone inside the suite walk up to the door and start to open it. Elisha's heart was pounding like a jackhammer; she thought she might faint with all the tension. The door opened to reveal none other than Shania standing there, looking inquiringly at her visitor.

 She was in slacks too, wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a black tank top which revealed enough to titillate even the casual observer while leaving plenty to the imagination. She was speaking on her phone but smiled warmly at Elisha and beckoned her to come in. Elisha walked into the luxury suite, looking around enviously. "I would kill for a suite like this!" she thought to herself as she sat down on one of the plush sofas and waited for Shania to finish her call. "Okay, see you tomorrow sweety. I love you. Bye!" Shania hung up and sat down on the sofa.

 "That was my husband, he hates attending these lame awards ceremonies!" she explained with a laugh. Elisha felt herself drifting, intoxicated by the sight of the woman sitting beside her. Shania's long brown hair fell luxuriantly over her shoulder; her eyes seemed to sparkle even in the dim light of the drawing room of the suite.

"I'm a big fan of yours, I just thought maybe I could drop in for a chat" Elisha said with an effort.

"Sure! I could really use the company." Shania replied. "Would you like something to drink?" she asked Elisha.

They ordered a pair of cappuccinos and soon got chatting. Elisha found their conversation very enjoyable despite the fact that she was waiting desperately for their coffees to arrive. Shania talked enthusiastically about her music, Elisha about acting and modeling. They also talked about their families; Elisha was amazed at how well they were jelling. A few minutes later a knock sounded on the door.

"Room service", the attendant called out. Shania opened the door and soon she and Elisha were sipping the hot, foamy coffee.

 Elisha was on tenterhooks waiting for an opportunity to put the sedative in Shania's coffee. Shania's phone rang again; she excused herself to answer the call, giving Elisha the opportunity she needed. She quickly slipped the drug into Shania's coffee. Shania soon returned and they resumed their conversation. The sedative took effect within a few minutes; Shania was fast asleep, her graceful body slumped on the sofa.

 Shania woke up to find herself in her luxurious bedroom. The lights were all off; the only light in the room was coming from four candles placed on wrought iron candle stands around the bed. She was lying on her back in her bed, utterly naked. Her wrists were tied to the headboard using a silk sash. Shania struggled for a few minutes but discovered that her bonds were not going to yield; the soft silk felt very erotic against her fair skin. She was gagged using a cloth, so that she had no way of calling for help, all she could do was wait for her captor to return.

 A few minutes later Elisha Cuthbert entered the room with the bag of goodies brought from her room. She sat down next to Shania's prone body, gazing lovingly at her prisoner. The muffled cries of her idle only served to arouse her more. Elisha licked one of her fingers and ran the wet finger over Shania's nipples, enjoying the sight of her victim's struggles. She slowly ran the solitary finger over Shania's ivory abdomen, tickling her bellybutton playfully, gently teasing her gorgeous victim. "I've been waiting for this a long time!" she declared gleefully to Shania. She straddled Shania's helpless body, her legs on either side of her prisoner's figure. She gently raised Shania's head and removed the gag.

"Please, let me go, I'm a married woman", begged Shania, a salty tear trickling down her cheek. Elisha lay down over her prey and kissed her gently on her cheeks and forehead, trying to pacify her frightened prisoner. "I'm not going to hurt you, all I wanna do is pleasure you, please don't cry", Elisha whispered in Shania's ear, playfully biting the earlobe, sucking it lovingly. She sat up and surveyed Shania's body, admiring her curviness. She lay down over her once again and began to kiss Shania's neck hungrily, her teeth softly biting her prey's flesh. She slowly traced her way down towards Shania's breasts, her kisses and love bites filled with lust and desire. She reached Shania's firm, round breasts and started to work on her delicious nipples. She cupped each beast in her hands one at a time and put the nipple in her mouth, licking and sucking it voraciously. She then crammed as much breast as she could into her mouth and sucked, Shania's clean flesh tasted wonderful. She took a bottle of massage oil out of her bag and poured a generous quantity on her hands. She began massaging Shania's divine tits, enjoying the feel of the warm, tender flesh between her fingers. She rubbed the breasts in concentric circles, spiraling in towards Shania's nipples. Once she had reached the nipps, she opened the bottle of oil once more and poured a couple of drops of the warm oil on the succulent nipples. She started massaging them, pinching them gently between her thumb and forefinger, pulling, twisting and rolling them, causing Shania to moan softly; she was enjoying the game Elisha was playing with her nipples despite her best efforts not to. Elisha dug her fingernails into Shania's delicious areole, rejoicing in the sounds of her victim's protests. She could hardly believe how much she was enjoying the experience, having the object of her fantasies lying helpless below her, completely at her mercy; there was nothing to stop Elisha from doing anything she liked to Shania. Elisha's mouth closed around the nipples, her teeth gently grinding the sensitive nipps, their taste filling her with a lust unlike anything she had felt before. She squeezed the breasts together so that the two hard nipples almost touched. Elisha lapped at the nipples hungrily, biting them alternately, her teeth digging into the delicate flesh, not doing any damage but still causing Shania to cry out in pain.

 Done with the scrumptious breasts, Elisha started to head south, rubbing the oil into Shania's flat belly. She ran her fingers over each muscle, letting them follow every contour of Shania's beautiful body. Once she had finished rubbing the oil into Shania's toned mid-riff she lay down over Shania once more and let her tongue follow the paths traced by her fingers, licking, kissing and biting the luscious flesh. Elisha dipped into the bag and took out an orange. She tore open the peel and squeezed the orange over Shania's stomach, Shania groaned as she felt the cool drops of juice trickling over her body towards her pussy. Elisha's mouth returned to Shania's bare flesh, her tongue lapping up the orange juice, her lips savoring the taste of Shania's smooth skin. Shania moaned in protest, wiggling her body as Elisha's tongue entered her navel, slurping up the juice collected there. "You taste great!" Elisha murmured as her tongue flicked in and out of Shania's bellybutton, her lips closed tightly around it. Her hands wandered towards Shania's tits, kneading them once more. Elisha's mouth moved southward, kissing the sensitive flesh on Shania's lower belly and around her dainty pussy which was perfectly shaved. Seeing this, Elisha laughed and remarked: "so your husband gets to eat plenty of pussy right? Lucky bastard!" Shania blushed, she loved having her pussy eaten and despite herself couldn't help but feel aroused at the thought of her gorgeous captor eating her sweet pussy.

 Elisha began kissing the insides of Shania's thighs, lapping at the soft, sensitive skin there from mid-thigh right up to the edges of her pussy. "I wanna cum, please eat me!" moaned Shania, lust overcoming her. Elisha giggled and gave Shania's wet pussy a long lick up its length. She took out an egg shaped vibrator from her bag and inserted it into Shania's anus, turning it onto high. Shania gave a loud whimper but her protests soon subsided into moans of pleasure as Elisha ate her pussy. Elisha parted the protective skin of Shania's pussy to reveal her vagina in all its splendor, her lips and tongue explored it thoroughly before her lips closed around Shania's engorged clit. She began sucking the wet clitoris hard. Shania's breathing got quicker and quicker, her chest heaving up and down as her beautiful tormentor brought her to the brink of orgasm. Just as Shania was about to cum, Elisha stopped, pulling her back from the brink of orgasm. "Oh God!" Shania cried as Elisha inserted a thick rubber dildo into Shania's pussy and began to fuck her hard while licking her clit at the same time. This time Elisha let Shania cum. Shania's back arched upwards, the muscles in her legs and lower back contracted as she felt a powerful orgasm wracking her body. Elisha however continued to fuck Shania; she shuddered as the orgasm was followed by a series of mini-climaxes, she had never had a multiple orgasm like this before.

Elisha finally stopped fucking her victim and sat over her once more, admiring her beauty. She untied Shania and made her sit up before tying Shania's wrists together behind her back. Shania could barely put up any resistance, the cumulative effect of the shattering orgasms and the sedative had left her utterly disorientated. Elisha had also left the vibrator in Shania's butt; it was sending spasms of pleasure up and down Shania's spine. Elisha let Shania lean against the headboard. She got of the bed and began to strip slowly and deliberately, trying to seduce her beautiful captive. Once naked, she sat down straddling Shania's body so that her legs were on either sides of Shania's as they sat facing each other. Elisha began to kiss Shania's breasts once more, while one of her hands ran down Shania's back to her butt, eagerly exploring the singer's body. She disengaged herself from Shania's breasts and ran her hands seductively up her captive's sides, enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth skin. She began to kiss Shania, her lips closing around Shania's, gently sucking them in, her tongue trying to explore Shania's mouth. Elisha nibbled at Shania's lower lip while her hands played with Shania's breasts; she decided to make Shania cum some more. Running her hands suggestively over Shania's beautiful face, Elisha said "I now have a choice for you. You can either submit to me and be my bitch for the rest of the night or you can remain my prisoner and I will torment you some more. So, what will it be my little slut?" Elisha laughed wickedly at the plight of her gorgeous prize, loving the way the flickering candle light made her skin glow. At first Shania looked defeated, she almost seemed ready to submit. However, she was made of sterner stuff than this and with a defiant light in her eyes replied "Fuck off, do whatever you want to me but I am not going to be your whore."

 Elisha was thrilled at the choice Shania had made; she loved the fierce pride and bravery her prisoner was showing. "Very well then, you will spend the rest of the night as my slave. There is no turning back now but one way or another I'm going to enjoy all the fruits your body has to offer, my beautiful little slut!" she said to Shania. She made Shania lie on the bed face down, giving Elisha a great view of her ass. Elisha removed the vibrator from Shania's ass and began to fondle the enticing ass cheeks. She stopped the butt massage after a while and sat over Shania, with her legs on either side of her victim's body as before. She raised her right hand and brought it down hard, first on one ass cheek and then the other. Shania squealed with indignation, her tender ass cheeks had never been spanked before. Elisha continued to spank Shania, enjoying the pained moans and cries emanating from her victim. By the time she had finished, Shania's ass cheeks were glowing a bright red, but her juices were flowing from her pussy; she had clearly enjoyed being spanked. With a wicked snicker, Elisha buried her face in Shania's ass, her tongue exploring Shania's butt until she could taste Shania's asshole. "Stop!" screamed Shania, but her protests were answered by another hard spank on her bottom. Elisha first licked around Shania's tight asshole, her victim was spotlessly clean. She then stuck her tongue as far down Shania's anus as it would go, sending a jolt through Shania's body. Elisha brought her conquest to the brink of orgasm and then stopped, rolling Shania on to her back and retying her in her original position.

 She lowered her bosom over Shania's face and commanded her to suck one of her gorgeous breasts. Shania however kept her mouth tightly shut, refusing to suck the tasty offering. Elisha laughed at her prisoner's stubbornness. "Gosh, how does your husband handle you I wonder. What you need is a little discipline."

 Elisha dug into her bag and took out a candle. She carefully lit it from one of the burning candles and smiled at her prey. She sat over Shania and held the candle over Shania's firm breasts. Shania looked up in terror, knowing what was coming next, writhing from side to side trying to escape from her tormentor. The first drops of hot wax landed bang on Shania's right nipple, she cried out as Elisha waxed the other nipple as well. Done with Shania's juicy nipples, Elisha moved the candle southwards, the hot wax tracing a path over Shania's sexy body towards her pussy in much the same way as Elisha's tongue had done before. As the wax splashed down on Shania's belly, she wiggled around more and more desperately, involuntarily doing a slow, sexy belly dance which made Elisha hornier than ever. Shania cried out "Stop! Please! Not on my pussy! Pleeease!"

 Just as the trail of wax was about to reach Shania's pussy Elisha stopped and withdrew the candle. "Now bitch, do as I say and I will spare that delicious pussy of yours", Elisha commanded. "Yes, all right, I'll do as you say", Shania murmured, barely audible to the ear; even her resilient spirit had been broken by Elisha's vile treatment. Elisha peeled of the hardened wax from Shania's body. She had been careful not to hold the candle too close to Shania's body, none of her beautiful skin had suffered the slightest damage, much to Elisha's relief. Elisha lowered her chest over Shania's face once more and commanded her to suck one of the juicy tits dangling before her. Shania opened her mouth, her lips welcoming in Elisha's lovely breast. Shania began to suck the tit while licking at the nipple, her teeth ground the hard nipple in much the same way as Elisha had done to her. Elisha began to moan softly with pleasure, Shania's soft tongue felt so good on her warm flesh. Elisha cradled Shania's head in her hands as her slave continued to suck her tit. Elisha finally pulled herself away from Shania's mouth; she was very pleased with her prisoner and wanted to reward the beautiful woman in her hands. She smiled at Shania naughtily and said "that was fabulous honey; you seem good at sucking stuff down! Tell me, do you give your husband oral sex?"

Shania blushed at the question; she was ashamed to answer such a blatant inquiry into about her sex life.

"Tell me my horny little slut or else" she said, pointing towards the burning candles. Shania had no option but to answer the obscene question.

"Yes, we do have oral sex", she replied.

"Do you like it?" asked Elisha mischievously.

"Yes, I love it when he eats my pussy", she answered.

"Did you like it when I ate your pussy?" inquired Elisha.

Shania opened her mouth and then closed it without saying a word, she was unsure of what to say. Elisha bit one of Shania's juicy nipples, making her cry out in pain.

"Answer me or I'll bite your lovely nipples all night long, I know I would really enjoy doing that!" Elisha said, trying to tease out an answer.

"All right, I really enjoyed it", her captive blurted out in desperation.

 Elisha laughed at Shania's answer, she knew it was the truth and the thought filled her with excitement, she had fallen in love with Shania over the course of the evening and the very thought of pleasuring her was a joy to Elisha. She got up and went to the refrigerator and took out some ice cubes. She returned to the bedroom and sat on top of Shania. She took one of the ice cubes and began to rub Shania's sensitive nipples with it. She kept the ice cube in contact with just the tip of the nipple and slowly teased it, rubbing the ice cube slowly over the firm flesh. She then rubbed Shania's areole with the edges of the ice cube, watching the cold drops of water trickle down her round breasts. Elisha then sucked the wet nipples, her warm tongue making Shania moan with pleasure. Elisha then ran the ice cube over Shania's breasts before licking up the water left in its trail. She took out a fresh ice cube and ran it along the edges of Shania's bellybutton, watching the drops of water trickle over the contours of her lovely body. Elisha let her tongue explore Shania's cute navel once more, licking up the water that had trickled in from the ice cube. She ran the ice cube all around Shania's cunt, causing her to squeal as the cold droplets trickled over her delicate pussy. Elisha held her labia open with her thumb and forefinger and ran the ice up and down the sensitive skin. She then rubbed the ice cube over Shania's tender clit, loving the desperate moans Shania was producing. Elisha's tongue lapped voraciously at the moist clitoris, while her fingers played with Shania's beautiful asshole. Shania had another shattering orgasm; she had lost count of how many times she had cum already. But Elisha was nowhere near being done with her prisoner.

 She took out a tickler from her bag and sat down over Shania. She ran the feather over Shania's nipples, relishing Shania's discomfiture. She bent down and ran her tongue along Shania's armpits, her soft tongue tickling her prisoner. She transferred her attentions to Shania's nipples, sucking and biting at them hungrily while she tickled Shania's stomach with the feather, running it from up and down and from side to side over Shania's sensitive skin. Shania was clearly very ticklish. Elisha parted Shania's legs and ran the feather over her the soft tender skin on the insides of her thighs, Shania's body wiggled from side to side. After a few minutes of this, Elisha stopped picked up the vibrator. She turned it on and began teasing Shania's nipples with it. Her other hand wandered towards Shania's cunt, her fingers rubbing Shania's clit rhythmically. As Shania approached her orgasm, Elisha lowered her head and started biting one of Shania's nipples; not too hard to do any damage but hard enough to make Shania squeal out in pain. Her body stiffened as a climax coursed through it, but Elisha paid no heed, she stimulated Shania's clitoris with the vibrator as she continued to bite Shania's sensitive nipples, her victim crying with pleasure and pain as she endured more orgasms. She felt her pussy throb as she ejaculated; drenching Elisha's hand with her cum. Elisha stopped the vibrator and buried her face in Shania's pussy, feasting on the delicious cunt.

 Elisha untied her almost unconscious figure and lay down beside her, cuddling her adoringly as she stoked Shania's breasts, her face buried in Shania's soft, brown hair. Once her captive had fallen asleep, Elisha got up, packed all the toys and left soundlessly. She sat in her bed and played with herself, thinking of all the things she had done to her prey, her mind filling with plans for another such rendezvous with Shania, Elisha's crush.



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