Benefit Concert


 Who would have ever thought Shania Twain, Jessica Simpson and the hot Gwen Stefani would team up to do a benefit concert, but as luck would have it, they did. The fans were treated to the hottest concert in the last decade and as each singer strutted across the stage, the fans became more and more excited as the girls not only looked gorgeous, they put on the greatest show ever. After nearly three hours of non stop cheering, the girls end the show and head backstage to unwind. They are still brimming with excitement and are so charged they can't even sit down. The girls all look gorgeous too. Shania is wearing her lacy black catsuit, Jessica in a long gown slit down to her belly button to show off all her massive cleavage and Gwen in a semi-sheer black bra and sweater, with the sweater almost completely unbuttoned. The show was more catered to the adult crowd and even Shania's catsuit was moderately see-through.


 Shania heads to the table for a bottle of water and takes a long refreshing sip. To her surprise, as she turns around she sees Gwen walk over to Jessica, wrap her arms around the small of the cute blonde's back and moves in to plant a long, passionate kiss on her lips. Shania is shocked to see that Jessica doesn't try to escape, but actually responds by grabbing Gwen's ass and caresses it as the two blondes passionately continue necking. The two women slowly break off the kiss and look over at Shania and see the stunned look on her face. Like a couple of cats hunting their prey they slink over to Shania and stand on each side of her. The hot blondes slowly begin groping Shania's tiny figure and pull her hair back slightly to begin nibbling on Shania's earlobes. With the two women licking her ear and feeling her up, it doesn't take long for Shania's body to respond and the cute country star lets out a moan of pleasure as she continues to get warmed up.


 The girls switch positions and with Jessica in front of Shania leaning forward to kiss the pretty brunette, Gwen slips in behind to begin unzipping the back of Shania's catsuit. Gwen slowly unzips the outfit while sliding her free hand down Shania's back to her ass where she stops and squeezes the soft butt cheek before continuing to peel the light fabric from Shania's slender figure. The tight fabric slides down Shania's body easily and Jessica sticks her tongue in the brunette's mouth as Shania continues to let out heated moans of pleasure. Once Shania is standing in the middle of the room naked the two blondes move beside her and waste no time latching onto and slurping loudly on the sexy singer's biggest assets. The two women suckling on her sensitive nipples drives Shania even wilder and she quickly brings her hands up to hold the hungry blondes even tighter to her milk swollen breasts. Slowly Shania squeezes her full breasts as Gwen and Jessica continue to feast on her soft nipples, suckling and tugging like a couple starving babies in search of dinner. After 20 minutes of hard sucking Shania's nipples begin to get sore and she decides to put an end to the milking her baby bottles are getting. She reaches around and grabs her blondes by the hair and forcefully pulls them from her tits. Shania's nipples get stretched out as the two girls refuse to let go but Gwen and Jessica eventually loose their grip and the erect nipples snap back to Shania's body. Shania orders her sexy lovers to strip and it takes no time at all for Jessica and Gwen to get naked.


 Once everyone is undressed Jessica runs over to the door and locks it while Gwen quickly opens up one of her trunks to pull out a bunch of toys. She grabs a strap-on dildo and throws it to Shania as she slips into another strap-on herself. When Jessica comes back from locking the door both women are waiting for her with dildos on and Shania wastes no time going after cute little Jessica. She wrestles the busty little blonde to her knees and crawls behind her to plunge the cock into her tight ass. Gwen grins in delight as the sexy country singer grabs Jessica by her tiny waist and begins slapping her hips against the round ass kneeling in front of her. The large rubber cock disappears into Jessica's wet snatch as Shania's hips continue to slam into her and Shania's tits flop around like huge fatty propellers. Gwen straddles Jessica to stand in front of Shania aiming the large cock at Shania's face and no more coaxing is needed. Shania eagerly opens wide and lets Gwen shove the rubber meat down her throat. At first Gwen slowly guides the 10" long dildo down Shania's throat but as she finds the cock disappearing with ease down the girl's throat she speeds up until she is throat fucking Shania just as quickly as Shania is shoving her cock into Jessica's wet pussy. Gwen stares in awe as Shania takes all the cock without skipping a beat and swallows it down like she could take on twice the length. Feeling even hornier Gwen pulls the cock out of Shania's mouth and orders her to keep her mouth open. Shania does as she's told and without any warning gently tips Shania's head back, leans forward, and slowly lets a huge gooey load of spit drip from her mouth into Shania's. The country cutie closes her mouth, swallows the spit without a second thought and opens her mouth again as if to ask for more. Gwen responds by slapping her face lightly, calling her a whore and spitting in the singer's face. Shania only smiles politely, wipes the spit from her cheek into her mouth and chirps a cute little thank-you to a stunned Gwen.


 While all this is going on Jessica's legs start twitching and a white slimy fluid oozes from her throbbing pussy to a small puddle between her legs. Watching Jessica's orgasm drip to the floor has Gwen wanting a fuck and if Shania was that good at mating with another bitch, she wanted the country bitch's cock inside her. Quickly Gwen slips off the strap-on weapon, handing it to Jessica before dropping to the ground and spreading her legs in the air in front of her singing whore. Shania accepts the invitation and lowers herself on top of Gwen, gently wiggling her hips as she guides the fat dildo into the blonde pop queen's snatch. The busty brunette's body slowly presses tightly against the blonde's as Shania's hips begin to move up and down and as she does, the cock thrusts easily into Gwen's wet fuck hole. While the two girls moan and hump on the floor Jessica stands confused with the strap-on dildo cinched around her waist. Not sure what to do, she gets on her knees behind Shania and notices the strap-on dildo she's wearing has a cutout in the back for another person to access the ass of the person wearing the toy. That's all Jessica needs and she quickly straddles Shania to work her cock into Shania's ass. With Shania on top of Gwen the country girl's pussy was hard to reach, but her cute puckered asshole wasn't and Jessica fingers the puckered hole to get it ready for her cock. She pulls her finger out of Shania's ass and licks it before pushing the head of the dildo into the same hole and a yelp of pain escapes Shania as her ass gets violated by Jessica's cock. Slowly she works the cock in deeper and deeper until it is all the way in and then she matches her thrusts with Shania's as the brunette continues to fuck her bitch.


 The girls get their timing down to perfection and as Shania's cock slams all the way into Gwen's cunt, Jessica's cock quickly follows and slams into Shania's ass. With each stroke Shania's huge tits swing back and forth in front of Gwen's face and it isn't long before the platinum blonde slut dives at one of the fat nipples and begins sucking for all she's worth. Moments later Shania can feel Gwen's legs tremble under her and knows the slut has had a few orgasms as her hips drive the cock mercilessly into her lover's dripping cunt. The combination of Gwen milking her tits, Jessica humping her ass and smell of Gwen's warm pussy juice drives Shania over the edge and she can feel her own orgasm about to happen.


 Quickly Shania struggles to her knees then crawls to straddle Gwen's face and with Jessica still trying to fuck her up the ass, Shania reaches down and spreads her pussy lips to spray a massive stream of piss-like cum all over Gwen's face. The warm ejaculate shoots from Shania's pussy like pee soaking Gwen's face and hair continuing for nearly 15 seconds and nearly drowning her little fuck partner. Meanwhile Jessica continues to try forcing her cock into Shania's ass with success and is completely oblivious to the fact that Shania had just sprayed her pussy juice all over the other blonde. Shania looks up and yells out that they need to get to a press conference in 20 minutes and they need to get ready right away. Gwen jumps up and heads to the shower as Shania gets to her feet and Jessica still continues to hump Shania like a dog in heat until Shania turns around suddenly and rips the dildo off Jessica's harness. Jessica grins at her sheepishly and the two head into the shower with Gwen. The girls make their meeting and when asked if they would perform together again some time, they look at each other and laugh telling the press that they would only too happy to sing together again.