Backstage Pass


  At the Grammies Shania sings "Man I Feel Like a Woman!" and as she sings, Matt sneaks into her dressing room to hide behind one of her trunks of clothes. The concert ends and it isn't long before Shania shows up. She is still wearing her sexy black corset and miniskirt and is in a big hurry to change. Matt watches intently as she undoes the snaps on her corset and lets it fall to the ground. He just about dies when he sees she's naked under the corset and starts to masturbate. She continues by unzipping her miniskirt and letting that fall too until all she's wearing is her skimpy pair of sheer pantyhose.


 She has a cute little ass and as she turns to pick out her next outfit Matt can see she has a trimmed little muff. Her breasts are huge and wiggle back and forth as she flips through her clothes. Shania's fat nipples are hard, erect and as big as gum drops. She picks out a black bra and fastens it in the front. Once it's on she spins it around grabbing her soft fleshy milkbags and tucking them into the cups. Shania slips on a pair of high cut sheer black panties before pulling on her stylish black sequined sweat pants. Finally she brushes her hair, checks the mirror and grabs her jacket to run out and meet the press.


 When Matt's sure she won't be back he decides to have some fun. He jerks off and shoots a massive load of cum all over the inside of Shania's corset. The horny fan takes the tube of mascara she has sitting on the table and scoops up a bunch of cum shoving it into the container. He mixes even more of his gooey sperm in her jar of face cream and finally dips the end of her lipstick in the wet looking semen so as to be undetectable. He rubs the remaining cum into the corset until it can't be seen and puts the corset back where he found it.


 Matt sneaks back out of her dressing room, but not before rummaging through her wardrobe drawers to get his hands on a pair of her panty hose, a sexy bra, and to his delight, a pair of her soiled panties. He thinks about her next show and Shania smearing his face cream on or using the lipstick. The thought of her stroking on her mascara and having the darkened cum separating her lashes made him grin.


A dirty Shania facial!