Shania at the Movies

Part 1: The Show

This fantasy takes place in a movie theater in Czech Republic. Unknown to everyone is Shania’s secret lust for passion and in particular, watching porn movies in adult movie theaters. Being a star has its privileges and she sneaks into the movies to sit in the darkest corners to enjoy the shows. Frequently she can be found masturbating in the darkest corners of a theater, unseen by everyone. This night Brian is the usher at the movie theater when Shania walks in after the movie starts and asks him to keep the back row in the corner reserved for her. As soon as he sees its Shania, he quickly agrees to help her out. She’s looking really hot tonight wearing a sexy purple satin blouse and to Brian’s delight, no bra underneath. How can you tell she isn’t wearing a bra? Her nipples are very hard and poking out through the delicate satin very nicely. She had to be very horny to have her gumdrop sized nipples so hard and against the shimmering satin, they were as big as baby bottle nipples.

Brian quickly ushers her to the back row where she makes her way to the corner a couple seats from the wall. It’s very dark in the corner and she seems right at home as the movie continues with the porn movie women moaning away as they get bent over and fucked by a guy with a huge cock. A few minutes pass and Brian is making his rounds. He gets to sit anywhere, so he chooses to sit in the back row across from Shania, blocking the aisle to keep anyone from sitting near her. His eyes adjust to the dark and he watches Shania as she concentrates on the fucking onscreen. The very pretty brunette gets hornier and hornier as she enjoys the action and the usher watches quietly as the little bitch begins to unbutton her blouse. Awesome! No wonder the tiny slut loves to be in the back row. Where else can you unbutton your blouse and start playing with your tits while in a movie theater. Brian looks closer as she appears to pull on her nipples and squeeze them between her fingers. There is a popular porn movie playing, but the sight of Shania pulling out one of her massive breasts to play with it was way more captivating.

With his usher clothes being a dark color so as not to distract anyone watching the movie, it’s easy for Brian to move a little closer to Shania as she continues to play with herself. He thought he was being sneaky, but was wrong. Shania knew he was there and was actually putting on a show for the theater employee! The hot slut turned and looked right at Brian as she turned slightly and squeezed her breast in his direction. He knew she was an exhibitionist on the stage, but she was even more open when she was horny and putting on a show in a dark movie theater. As she continues to knead her tit and pull her nipple out from her body, she motions Brian to come closer and that is all the invitation he needs before moving a couple seats from her. She slumps back into her seat and again pulls her nipple out from her body, squeezing her tit towards the movie screen. Suddenly Brian can see what she’s doing… SHE’S FUCKING MILKING HERSELF!!!

Brian stares and drools like a baby as the streams of milk spray from her thick nipple and not just little streams either. Massive jets of milk shoot from Shania’s ample milkbag towards the screen and the milk hits the seats a couple rows in front of her. She grins as her milk splatters against the front seats and then she does the unthinkable. Shania takes her massive, soft breast in both hands and pulls the udder up to her lips. She licks the excess liquid from her milk tap, then wraps her lips around her pink nipple to begin suckling. The little cock tease pumps on her nipple as it disappears into her mouth, then it slowly reappears. She rhythmically sucks on her soft fleshy tit, and then closes her eyes as she hungrily nurses on her own tasty breast milk.

Being totally turned on, Brian does what any pervert would do and quickly jumps at the chance once she closes her eyes. He pounces on her tiny body and wrestles her onto her back, clamping his hand over her mouth to silence her and latches onto her leaking tit to feed. Shania’s breast is very soft and jelly-like as he buries his face into it and he wastes no time suckling on her hard nipple like a baby. Huge volumes of milk flow into Brian’s mouth as he gorges himself on her warm milk and it tastes sweet and refreshing as he milks her like a baby.

"Yes, you fucking cow. Spray your milk for me." Brian whispers in her ear, taking the time to talk dirty to her. "I’m gonna suck the fluids out of you like a spider sucking the life out of a fly." The usher continues to slurp and smack on her flesh as she struggles feebly against his grip. With Brian’s free hand, he grips her swollen right tit through her satin blouse and squeezes it hard to force milk out of it. Slowly he can feel her blouse getting wet as her milk lets down and begins streaming from her tit to stain her blouse. The young man pulls away from her left tit and pulls her blouse back over it to squeeze milk all over both sides of her blouse. His grip is very strong and Shania clenches her teeth in agony as her large tits are squeezed in his vice-like grip.

"Now you can’t leave." he barks at her. "Your blouse is all milk stained and people will know you’ve been milked. It looks like you have to stay all night and feed me… you slutty bitch!"

The dirty talk turns Shania on more and she grabs a handful of Brian’s hair to force him back onto her tit. Her wet blouse is still covering her fleshy milkbag and Brian starts sucking on her hard nipple through the expensive fabric.

"Yes, suck my tit!" Shania pleads, "Suckle me like a baby! Yes, make me your mommy because I love having my breasts sucked!"

The young man decides to torture the slut a little and bites down on her nipple as she begs and forces her to flinch in pain again as he sucks more fluids from her body. For nearly half an hour he feeds on her and finally she begs him to help her by getting a girl in the audience for her to play with. Shania had already picked out a young girl sitting with her friends and although the movie was an adult flick, the girl was maybe 18 or 19 and just able to get into the theater. She is very pretty and slender with long blonde hair and it was easy to see why Shania wanted her, the girl was very hot.

When the young girl is asked to go with the usher, she swears she is over 18 and Brian takes her by the arm to guide her to where Shania is sitting. By this time Shania has covered her tits with her blouse again, but the milk stains are easily visible to the young girl. She sits beside the horny brunette and before she can figure out what’s happening Shania has her blouse open again and has the blonde by her hair, forcing the blonde’s head onto one of her tits. Stacey quickly tries to escape and push away from Shania but the hot little singer grabs the pretty blonde with both hands and easily pulls her back to her erect nipple. When the girl refuses to suck, Shania gets furious.

"Suck my tit you bitch!" Shania orders, "If you don’t, I’ll make sure I smother you with my chest!" Shania looks up at Brian and orders, "Force this bitch to suck on me! Push her face into my tit!"

What the hell Brian figures so he pushes the blonde into Shania’s tit with both hands as she struggles to get free. Finally she gives up and Brian can see the horny brunette’s body slump in satisfaction as she feels her victim begin to breastfeed.

"That’s it. Suck on me like a baby you school slut." Shania chirps as she reaches down and begins unbuttoning her jeans. "I have another treat for you for being such a good girl." The tight jeans are wiggled out of and Shania sticks her thumbs into her panties to pull them down, revealing a perfectly trimmed triangle of pussy hair over the now wet slit between her legs. Brian couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do next and it didn’t take long for Shania to show him either. As soon as her panties were out of the way, she grabs the blonde by her hair again and forces her to the floor between her legs. With her jeans down around her ankles, Shania spreads her legs and pulls Stacey’s head deep into her crotch.

"Lick me!" Shania barks as she pulls Stacey’s face tightly into her soft mound. "Stick your fucking tongue into my pussy and lick me deep you bitch!" All Stacey could do is mumble in protest as Shania pulls her hair, forcing her face deeper into her soft labia. Shania’s dirty talk and slutty attitude has the young usher as horny as a person can get and he starts to jerk off as she continues to work over the young blonde. The cute country cock-tease looks over at Brian and begins grinning as she is fully aware of how horny she’s making him. He stares at Shania as her huge tits bounce and jiggle while she thrusts her hips against her victim’s face and the sight is spectacular as the milk continues to leak from her erect nipples and down the sides of her chest to drip onto the seat beneath her.

Shania’s thrusts become faster and faster and Brian can tell by her moans and gasps of pleasure that it won’t be long before she cums. A few minutes later and Shania’s body begins to twitch and spasm as her hips thrust hard into Stacey’s face. The tiny brunette holds her blonde victim in place as the clear fluid forcefully erupts from her pussy, splashing everywhere as it hits the young blonde’s face. Stacey’s arms reach out to the side and flail in the air as she is sprayed with Shania’s cunt juice and she is held tightly as Shania’s body continues to ejaculate all over her blonde victim. "There you go dear," a laughing Shania jeers, "a present from Shania to you. Now don’t bother asking me for an autograph. You got more than most people would get." She lets Stacey go and the young girl immediately runs to the bathroom, the front of her tee-shirt and her face soaked with Shania’s cum.

Brian watches Shania move to the seat beside the wall to get dressed again and can’t help but wonder what the janitor would think when he has to clean up Shania’s mess. Mmmm, it would probably dry, but it would still smell musky and very much Shania like. The bitch definitely marked her territory tonight. Her blouse was still ruined from the milk stains, but it looked like she planned ahead because she had another blouse in her bag. It was a nice white satin blouse and Brian stared at her as she pulled a sexy sheer black lace bra out of her bag to help protect the new blouse from more milk stains. Shania fastens the bra around her slender chest then spins it around until it rests under her hanging breasts. She then reaches into the straps and slides them over her shoulders as she pulls her soft breasts into the bra cups and places a nursing pad in each cup to absorb any leaking milk. With the bra in place, she slips on her blouse, buttons it up halfway to make sure everyone can see her impressive cleavage and fixes her hair.

Meanwhile Stacey had returned from the bathroom and returned to her friends. The two black men she was with immediately shoot nasty looking glances in the back row and in particular at Shania. It looked like they were really pissed and Brian was beginning to wonder if Shania was going to need an escort out. The two young men were well built and were probably athletes of some kind and it definitely wasn’t wise to get them mad. He asks Shania if she would like an escort to her limo but she flat out refuses.

"What do think… I’m easy? I’m not here for you to pick up," she points out sarcastically "I let you watch because you got me a good seat and that’s it. I’m perfectly fine by myself."

OK. Brian figures. No point in helping someone who clearly doesn’t want it. With the movie over, the only way out of the theater is by the side alley as this was the last show and it was probably a little after midnight. Management always locks the front doors after the last show starts to allow the clean-up crew an early start and the side alley is very close to the parking lot anyway. Brian watches as the young group heads out the doors towards the alley and knows they’re up to something as they keep looking back at Shania. It wasn’t a matter of IF they would do something, it was a matter of WHAT will they do. Shania is too smug to figure anything is wrong and picks up her bag to head for the exit.

Brian quickly rushes to his locker and grabs his video camera knowing that tonight, he was going to need it! He hurries back to the exit in time to see Shania leave and darts in behind her. When he gets outside, Shania is maybe 10 feet in front of him and totally unaware that she will be walking by the two black men to get to her limo. The limo is parked in the street and the nose is visible from the alley, but it is far enough back that the driver can’t see down the alley and is probably expecting Shania to come out the front door anyway. As Shania walks by the two black men, she notices the blonde she had just abused, and begins to worry. As she tries to run for the limo, the black men grab her and drag her back into the alley.

The End of Part 1


Shania at the Movies

(Part 2: Alley Fucked)