Shania Sex Stories

The Shania stories are a collection of erotic fantasies written by Shania fans and found on the web. More fantasies and Shania stories are in the works because there are so many things tiny Shania can get into with that hot body and sexy look. The stories range from soft and romantic, to hardcore and heated, to extremely violent and sadistic. Most are available to all, but the more violent stories require special authorization and are restricted to forum members only. Think of these stories as...

The sexual misadventures of Shania!

Backstage Pass (masturbation, twisted, revenge)
A fan sneaks into Shania's dressing room and has some kinky fun.

Super Balled (Rape, cumshots, rough sex)
Shania does the Superbowl, then lets a horny fan rush the stage and do HER!

I'm Gonna Get it Good! Male/female, rape, cumshots, rough sex, gang-bang, lesbian)
Shania gets her big break in a Gang-Bang adult film. After signing the contract she gets it good!

Benefit Concert (lesbian, pissing, cumshots)
Shania does a concert with busty blonde Jessica and super hot Gwen. When the show is over the three singers head backstage and unwind in a sweaty girls only orgy!

Quickie at the Mall (lesbian, cumshots, pissing)
Shania does an autograph session at Walmart. When she has to go for a pee break she is cornered in her stall by an beautiful adoring lesbian!

Elisha (lesbian, seduction, drugged)
Elisha Cuthbert has a crush on lovely Shania. When Elisha gets invited to the 2005 Grammies she decides she must have Shania at any cost!

The Visitor (lesbian, bondage, breast play, toys)
Shania goes to bed not knowing a strange woman outside waiting for her to fall asleep. The burglar slowly sneaks into Shania's bedroom... then quickly captures her prey!

Tragedy (seduction, teasing, revenge)
Shania has a strange effect on the AdultShania members, and she loves to torture and tease with her biggest asset... her sultry body!

At the Movies (Part 1) (gang-bang, breast play, toys, lesbian, rape)
Shania goes to a movie theater in Europe and decides to have some fun! Little does she realize the tables will soon be turned on her.

Shania Loving her Pets:

Shania loves her pets and shows it here. These stories are for the animal lovers who have no problems with Shania drilled and filled by her many pets!

Shania Cat-fighting:

Shania takes a beating in these erotic stories where she battles other women who want nothing more than to beat the crap out of her!

Shania Extreme Hardcore:

Shania is the sexy victim in these sadistic and twisted tales of forced sex, kinky violence and hardcore lust.

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