Shania Extreme Stories

WARNING! These stories are graphic and sometimes violent in nature. They can contain, any of the wild fetishes, bondage, S&M and degrading sex acts. (For the Hardcore fan)

Shania Twain: The Making of a Video  (Gang-bang, bestiality, rape, moderate torture)
Shania gets more than she bargained for when her manager promises the cast a treat. Read the highly erotic story of what happens to the little singer as she has to "pay up" after the video is complete!

Prison Bitch (lesbian, rough sex, rape, male/female, pissing, cumshots, squirting, lactation)
At a female prison Shania is dragged off stage and shown the secluded basement where she becomes a brutally ravaged fuck toy!

Shania: AKA Filthy Whore (Rape, degradation, cumshots, rough sex)
My porn movie needs a star and Shania needs money. So when the desperate girl is approached to do a second film, the bitch eagerly agrees!

Shania is: Stage Raped!  (Rough sex, rape, torture, bondage, pissing, lesbian, gang-bang)
Shania performs in a large stadium for a large TV audience. The show gets crazy when a horny man jumps up on the stage and knocks the singer down. He wastes no time mounting then raping the screaming star!

Shania's Organic Meal  (Lesbian, scat, piss, cumshots, masturbation)
When Shania decided to become a vegetarian, nobody could have guessed she'd take up eating something more organic. Hard, soft or runny, Shania swallows it all!

At the Movies (Part 1: The Show) (Lactation, lesbian, rape, squirting, facial, humiliation)
Shania decides to catch a porn movie while in town and after sitting in a dark secluded corner she spots a young blonde to play with. She gets the usher to help her round up her victim and forces the pretty blonde into having sex before letting her go. The blonde's two friends don't like the way Shania treats their girl and devise their plan for revenge!

Shania's Sinister Side (lesbian, rape, rough sex, lactation, degradation)
The singer has more money than she can spend so when her dark hobby needs a victim, they are easy to buy. What will become of poor Katie!


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