Shania Beasty Stories

WARNING! These stories are more for the animal lovers who don't mind reading about Shania and her pets. There are dogs, cats, horses and nearly any other animal Shania could have sex with.

Playing with Tim(bestiality, cumshot, knotting)

Shania walks with her puppy, but he has more romantic thoughts on his canine mind.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty (bestiality, masturbation)

Shania finds 2 stray kittens by the roadside and takes them with her to write music. When the little guys get hungry, Shania decides to share a little of HER warm, fresh milk!

Shania Twain: The making of a Video (Gang-bang, bestiality, rape, moderate torture)

Shania gets more than she bargained for when her manager promises the cast a treat. Read the highly erotic story of what happens to the little singer as she has to "pay up" after the video is complete!

Shania's Happy Horse (Bestiality, suffocation, cumshot, masturbation)

Shania loves to ride her horses. One day out on a ride she notices the horse has his long cock dangling between his legs. Being a little slut, she can't help but get down and start sucking. A camping fan gets treated to a Shania horse blowjob!