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If you've ever had a sexy thought or fantasy about Shania, you can probably find the question relating to it here. AdultShania brings you the wildest and kinkiest questions for your enjoyment. Take the time to fill out what you think of sexy Shania's hot body and find out what others are thinking. Answer the questions however you feel and check back to see if you feel the same as everyone else when it comes to the Shania questions you answer. You may find the questions very sexual, but then again, this is an adult site so sex is the name of the game. The most important part is to have fun and be honest. If you think Shania is a slut or a sweetheart, here's your chance to say so and find out what the masses think. As a special treat for filling out the surveys, each poll has a full length video scene featuring hot women and hotter sex.

Each month the poll results will be published or all to see!

(Your answers for these questions will be posted after the June 2nd weekend)

Shania Sex Polls (These Polls have up to 10 questions and upon completion, play a bonus video for your enjoyment.)


Shania Sex Questions (Submit your Shania questions to be added to the Polls. The questions can be as erotic or controversial as you like!)