The AdultShania Polls

Enjoy watching some of the hottest adult movie performers as a treat for filling in the poll questions. There are 5 different polls with 10 questions for you to answer. When you do, you will be taken to the area with each poll's movie theme.

Busty Beauties

Busty Beauties

Anal Sluts

Anal Loving Sluts


Girls Loving Girls

Porn SuperStars

Porn SuperStars

Kinky Fetishes

Kinky Fetishes


Whatever your taste in sex there is something for everyone with these polls. Some questions are very sexual and dig deep into everyone's secret Shania desires while others ask simple questions about your thoughts on Shania. Poll 4 is for the wild crowd who dare to push the boundries of sex and add animals to sexual picture.

Whether you like your Shania sweet or onthe wild side, these polls gather everyone's opinion to share just how sexy we like our Shania. When you fill out the Poll, you will be redirected to the videos of your choice.

Videos: Busty Beauties

(Shania Sex Poll #01)

Videos: Anal Loving Sluts

(Shania Sex Poll #02)

Videos: Girls Loving Girls

(Shania Sex Poll #03)

Videos: Porn SuperStars

(Shania Sex Poll #04)

Videos: Kinky Fetishes

(Shania Sex Poll #05)

The totals are in and your answers to the 2007 Polls are ready. Any Polls you take, will be tallied up and the totals posted so eventually, everyone will get an indication of what people think of Shania in a sexual manner. The questions are pretty much ALL sex related or raunchy, but there are answers for the Shania lovers as well as the Shania haters out there. Once you finish the Poll, enjoy the movie associated with it for this month, then next month... all new videos! Coming in February, access to the different video archives as a bonus for answering the polls.

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